Pass ACCA with Experienced Lecturers

Lecturers’ Profiles

Top Lecturing Team

Visiting Lecturers in Petaling Jaya

ACCA P3 Michael Mainwaring, MBA, MSc  

Specialises in P3 Business Analysis


ACCA P2 Haneef M.Bus., AMIA

Specialises in P2 Corporate Reporting


ACCA P1 Magdalene Chia, FCCA, MBA

Specialises in P1 Governance, Risk & Ethics and F8 Audit & Assurance


ACCA P4 Yoong Mun Yen, FCCA

Specialises in P4 Adv. Financial Management and F9 Financial Management



Specialises in P5 Adv. Performance Management


ACCA F6 Assoc.Prof Faridah, FCCA, CAM), FTII – Guest Lecturer

Specialises in F6(M) Taxation


ACCA F5 Laurence Kuek, MBA, AAT, MCSE

Specialises in F2/FMA Managemant Accounting and F5 Performance Management


ACCA F4 Edgar J de Souza LLB(Hons), UK

Specialises in F4(MYS) Corporate Business Law


ACCA F4 Ramesh Balakrishnan, LLB, University of London

Specialises in F4(MYS) Corporate Business Law


ACCA F3 S.M.Tan, BSc

Specialises in  F3 / FFA Financial Accounting


ACCA F2 Ong S.S, MBA, BEcon (Hons)

Specialises in F2 / FMA Managemant Accounting 


ACCA F1 Emily Lim, MBA, ICSA

Specialises in F1 / FAB Accountant in Business